[ New Kids on the Block ] New Kids On The Block “10” Album Review — 5 out of 5 stars

“I like the new you,” Donnie Wahlberg croons on “Remix I Like The”, the first single from New Kids on the Block’s, 10.

He could very well be talking about his group’s latest record. 10 feels unequivocally and undeniably “new”. It’s not the work of a pop juggernaut reaching for past glories; it’s the epic vision of five musicians whose feet are firmly planted in the future and are still leading the pack. That’s the most magical and marvelous thing about 10. It’s New Kids On The Block’s best album to date and a 21st century pop milestone.

“We Own Tonight” builds elegantly from orchestral production into a swooping refrain. It’s an a propos opener to the epic to follow. Then, there’s “Remix I Like The”, which stands proudly alongside the Boston quintet’s hottest hits. Joey McIntyre exudes effusive swagger as he delivers each note with the bombast and brilliance of a legend. He and Wahlberg volley back and forth seamlessly as the beat pulsates beneath them.

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