[ Donnie Wahlberg ] Donnie Wahlberg Premieres ‘Boston’s Finest’

The NKOTBer proudly debuted his TV show about Boston police officers yesterday in downtown Boston. The documentary series will air on TNT next Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, TNT network and Boston native Donnie Wahlberg hosted the red-carpet premiere of TNT’s new docu-series Boston’s Finest at the Revere Hotel Boston Common. Executive produced by Wahlberg, the show offers an up-close and personal look at the Boston Police Department and “what it takes to protect and serve one of America’s greatest and most distinctive cities”—a flattering and accurate statement.

After the tragedy of a ‘reality’ show, A&E’s Southie Rules, was publicized, a sigh of relief came when Wahlberg stated last year that Boston’s Finest will be far from Boston’s take on COPS. Instead, the show will provide a more personal look at the officers’ lives outside of their responsibilities to their police units. Much of what viewers will see are not just risky and intense crime scenes, but relatable and sentimental moments amongst unit members and their families.

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