[ NKOTBSB ] TNT Magazine – Boys will be boys: the return of the boybands

The Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block are back, in the form of a superband. And London has Nineties fever

Girls: hands up who had a favourite boyband member in the Nineties. And hands up all the boys who were jealous. The boyband phenomena – the bleach-white smiles and poster-covered walls – didn’t elude many. So the comeback of the decade for anyone who was a pop-loving pre-teen two decades ago has to be NKOTBSB.

The tongue-twisting and quite frankly OMG-inducing acronym for two all-American boyband greats – Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block – emblazoned across billboards London-wide will have been noticed by most fans. The two old-school greats are touring again, this time as a supergroup.

It’s a risky business – fans were either into BSB or NKOTB. BSB’s Howie Dorough confesses: “At first I wasn’t sure if they were gonna be territorial. I started reading some stuff on Twitter and I was like ‘uh oh, security!’”

But, luckily for the pop veterans, their devotees weren’t as crazy as social media portrayed. “It’s cool to see both fanbases coming together, creating this huge monster-like army and being cool with each other,” Dorough says.

”Now they’re friends.”

They admit teaming up keeps things fresh. New Kid Joey McIntyre sees performing in front of someone else’s fans as a welcome “challenge”. But he still knows the songs will go down well.

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