[ JORDAN ] Jordan Knight Advises One Direction: “Don’t Have Regrets”

Jordan Knight was just 14-years-old when he got his start in New Kids On the Block. By the time he was 18 the band was a global sensation. So, he is one artist that knows exactly what One Direction has been facing.

Knight recently sat down with CBS Local and shared his advice for the U.K. sensation.

“I listen to the radio a lot because I have two kids and I take them back and forth to school and hockey practice and they listen to Top 40 radio stations,” he said. “One Direction is very big right now. That’s how old I was when we made it really big.”

Having been given advice continually when NKOTB were at the height of their fame, he had some words to share with One Direction.

“I would say have fun, man and don’t listen to people giving you advice. We always got advice when we were young. When we were just getting famous the same questions were posed to other, older veteran artists. We would always get a little ticked off,” he said. “Having gone through that, my advice is have fun and don’t listen to the critics.”

Read full article & watch the included video on K1047.radio.com.

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