[ NKOTBSB ] Boy Bands New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys Live in Manila!

During the fifties and the sixties, boy groups were known as combos, because they performed songs while playing instruments. In the seventies, combos became bands like the Eagles, Queen, and Nazareth. In the eighties, male musical groups became boy bands and the term lingers until today. During the eighties, New Kids on the Block were the most popular and the in the nineties Backstreet Boys is one of the most adored with lots of screaming female fans behind their back.

New Kids on The Block had split and individual members pursued a solo career either in the movies or in the music industry. Backstreet Boys did not split but retired and rested for a while and band members settled under a low profile. Recently, these two popular boy bands regrouped, reunited, and toured around the world, reminding their fans and current music lovers of the music they were loved for in the past. They can prove that they still have the charisma and performance power as if they never left our consciousness.

Here are the reasons why you should not miss them:

1. Joey, Danny, Jordan, Jonathan, and Donnie – these five guys from New Kids on the Block may not wear the same padded shirts, gel styled hair, and polka dot pants but you will still adore them despite their mature looks. AJ, Howie, Nick, and Brian will also prove to you that they still have the grooves that made them one of the best dancing boy bands ever.

2. Please Don’t Go Girl, The Right Stuff, and Step by Step were popular NKTOB songs in the eighties. Still, you will want to hear their latest offering from their reunion album “The Block” which went Number 2 on the Billboard 200 and received a Gold Record Award. Hear their new songs such as Summertime and Single and you will realize that they still have the “it” and they can still challenge currently popular boy bands and make a run for their money.

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