[ LIVE & UNFINISHED ] Spend the weekend with Jordan Knight

Source: [ FMNewsChicago.com ]

Admit it. You once wore pajamas with Jordan Knight’s face on them. You also owned a jean jacket covered in buttons with inane saying like, “I love Jordan.” Or “I love Joey.” But, never “I love Danny.” How do I know this? Because I was also part of the club. What’s worse, my cousin and I had matching New Kids on the Block pajamas. So gross.

Fortunately, my days of proclaiming my undying affection for a place, thing or person on my outerwear are long over. However, the chance to see a former teen idol up close still gets me flustered.

While NKTOB (as the cool kids call them) take a breather, Jordan Knight is hitting the road in support of his solo album, “Unfinished.”

You can catch him at MoJoe’s in Joliet on Friday (Jan. 27).
See him on Saturday (Jan. 28) at Viper Alley in Lincolnshire.

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