[ DONNIE ] Donnie talks Wahlburgers, Wahlbrewsky, NKOTB prison performances

Source: [ Examiner.com ]

The Wahlberg brothers – Marky Mark and Donnie may live in Los Angeles now, but they grew up in Boston, MA. Donnie Wahlberg had some interesting tales to tell about growing up with Marky Mark, who was once a member of New Kids On The Block.

While Mark was in prison, he recruited his former band to play in the prison where he was as part of his “rehabilitation.” While NKOTB performed, they tossed cigarettes into the incarcerated crowd to gain points. NKOTB performing in a prison? Well, their first record only spawned local interest in Boston.

Along with Mark, Donnie and other brother Paul Wahlberg decided to get into the burger business in Boston with a family friend, Ed St. Croix. He said that people used to call him and Mark the “Junior Jailbirds.”

Not only do they make burgers topped with the government cheese they grew up eating, they also have a triple decker because they grew up in a three story apartment building. They even brew their own beer. And, of course, Donnie talked about this during his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show. He even had food and beer delivered for Fallon.

They’ve given their restaurant a theme by featuring a list of all the films and performing groups Mark and Donnie have been involved in.

Certainly you’re thinking the same thing as any other Angeleno. When do we get one?

One thing is for sure, even if they had a rough start to their lives, the Wahlberg brothers turned out OK.

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