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New Kids on the Block reunited for a brand new album in 2008, their first in 14 years. The Block hit number 2 in the US and reintroduced the group onto the music scene.

On the back of its success New Kids on the Block teamed up with Backstreet Boys for a world tour which saw them perform in the UK after a long absence. Five years after The Block the group is ready to release brand new album 10.

We caught up with Jordan Knight from the group to talk about 10, find out more about new single Remix (I Like The) and to find out when New Kids on the Block will be back in the UK.

The last time we spoke to you were preparing to come across to the UK with the Backstreet Boys for the NKOTBSB tour. New Kids on the Block are about to release their new album 10. Tell us all about it.

We’re only collaborating amongst ourselves on this record. The last album, The Block, was released on Interscope records and we collaborated with a lot of music artists that were on that label at the time. It was collaboration heavy so this time around we have just stuck together and we’re doing it all by ourselves. With this album there’s definitely more of a deeper musicality and more introspective songs. There’s less ‘let’s go out, have a drink, party and dance’ to it. It’s more introspective on relationships and things like that.

The feel of the album is very different to The Block. Whereas that album felt more R&B-influenced, 10 feels more pop and closer to the music you’re known for. Was that a conscious shift?

Yes. The Block was more like that. We felt that we needed to take it back home and do some big pop songs; really sing from the heart with some good ballads and pop songs for the girls.

The focus of 10 really is on the vocals and those harmonies are tight…

It’s definitely more vocal conscious. When you have a song with a beat it’s more about the rhythm and attitude and less about how well you execute the notes. This time we had to really execute the notes to stand out against the bed of the beautiful music. We spent a lot more time on the vocals making sure they were sounding really good.

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