[ Jordan Knight ] On Justin Bieber’s Recent Bahavior: ‘He Needs To See That There’s Consequences’

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Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block joined Gregg Daniels live in the Mix studio last Friday afternoon, and one of the best moments of the interview involved his thoughts on Justin Bieber and the negative attention he’s been receiving in the media lately over his behavior.

While he wasn’t very familiar with what actually happened, he did hear about Bieber’s alleged battery and believes it’s understandable for someone not used to tabloid scrutiny to get angry. He acknowledged that photographers and people from sites like TMZ will provoke celebrities into angry reactions, which Bieber apparently fell for.

“For him to react that way is really only human,” he explains in the video above.

Knight added that Bieber will likely learn from the mistakes he’s made in the way he’s treated people recently, especially since he now knows that TMZ and other paparazzi want the exact reactions they’ve gotten from him.

“He has to go through it and see that there’s consequences, and then he’ll change his behavior,” he said.

Source: Mix1041.CBSLocal.com

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