Jordan Knight talks about his Canadian connection

Some of the more dedicated New Kids on the Block fans might know the shoe size, childhood pet, and preferred breakfast cereal of the band’s five members, but only the truest Jordan Knight die-hards know that the suave singer is actually a Canadian citizen!

It’s true. Despite being born in Boston, Massachusetts, both he and his brother Jonathan have close ties to Canada. Omg! Canada talked to Jordan about it while he was in Toronto to prepare for a cross-Canada tour this month for his latest solo album, “Unfinished.”

What is your family connection to Canada?
My parents are Canadian, and all of my extended family is Canadian. They’re both from Ontario. My mom’s from Dunnville — have you heard of Dunnville? It’s a small town, by Lake Erie. And my father’s from Meaford. That’s north. They met at McMaster University and moved to the States in their late 20s. My sisters were born in Canada, and all my brothers were born in the U.S.

When would you visit your family in Ontario?
I have fond memories of Christmases at my grandparents’ house and spending the summers at Lake Erie at my grandparents’ cottage. My grandfather built his cottage with his own two hands; it’s pretty impressive. I kind of have a strong Canadian identity.

What would you do during these visits?
In the winters we would go sledding; that was always fun. We’d go into Toronto once, and that was always a big deal. I’m from the city, but every time I’d come to Canada it would be country living, so we’d make the trek into the city and that was always a big day. Mini-golfing. Being on Lake Erie, we had these cheap Styrofoam surfboards and that was always fun, riding the waves back to the beach. We would walk down paths and collect salamanders and frogs — of course, we’d set them free. At my cousin’s house, it was a farm, before we went swimming we’d have to go down to the main road, set up a stand, and sell corn. And on the way down to the road, there was a little bridge, and in the stream below is where we would fish and dig for worms.

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