and Jesse Labelle Bring Pop Hooks to The Citadel

What? A music concert at the Citadel Theatre? While one of our city’s most well-known theatre venues might not be known for hosting musical performances, that’s exactly what will happen on October 16 as Jordan Knight and opener Jesse Labelle take to the stage.

Jordan Knight, of New Kids on the Block fame (as if I needed to tell you) will be sure to be reliving highlights of his 13-year post-NKOTB solo career, with the help of classic hits like “Give it to You” or the single from his latest album, “One More Night”

Opening for Jordan Knight is Toronto musician Jesse Labelle, who is touring in support of his second album, Two, released August 7 this year. “So far, it’s been great. It’s only been a couple of shows, most of the tour is still ahead, but I’m having a blast. I’m really excited to get back out on the road.”

“[Touring to support Jordan Knight] works really well, with his show and with my show, and for [Jordan Knight’s] fans as well. They’re such die-hard fans of his music and he’s been doing this for a long, long time. I’m kind of just coming up, this is my second record, but playing and opening for him, it just fits. I don’t know why it does, necessarily, but it does. His fans are really receptive and they’ve been warm and welcoming so far… There’s a lot of tours where people kind of straggle in until the headliner comes on, but with this tour, everyone’s been there right at the beginning and very into what’s going on.”

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