Shares Wisdom with Justin Bieber and One Direction

If you believe anything that the veteran artists say, the fame and fortune can be so overwhelming that it can get hard to stay grounded. That’s why it’s so important to listen to any pearls of wisdom someone more experienced may want to share.

Jordan Knight, who is best known for being a member of the New Kids on the Block, has shared some words of caution with Justin Bieber, One Direction, The Wanted and any other young artists in the industry.

After almost thirty years in music, Knight has seen people develop addictions to drugs and alcohol and he encourages today’s youth to look out for each other. He said: “That’s one of the great things about being in a band as opposed to a solo artist. For us it was good at that age because we had each other’s backs. If one person started going crazy we’d pull them back. So what I would say to these new bands is watch out for your friends — if they’re getting too crazy be a good friend and pull them back to reality.” He’s definitely got a point and, really, NKOTB have had a relatively scandal-free existence.

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