is on Location For Blue Bloods in NYC (incl. Photos)

Donnie Wahlberg is on location filming season 3 of ‘Blue Bloods’ in New York’s Lower East Side, where he plays detective Danny Regan. Is that a badge or are you just happy to see me officer? Always pleasant, he smiles for the camera and waves to his fans who are all probably squealing with delight at seeing him.

Last week he told Access Hollywood that when he’s not filming the hit television series, he likes to sport a stache:

“I wear a mustache in the off season. No connection to Tom Selleck,” “When I was on tour, I was wearing a moustache and a lot of the Backstreet Boys fans – New Kids and Backstreet Boys were touring in Europe and around the world — the Backstreet Boys fans were a little younger than [our] New Kids fans, and when I wore the ‘stache on stage they kind of got freaked out,” Donnie said. “On Twitter, a lot of fans were teasing me about my ‘stache, so my bandmates donned fake moustaches and we Tweeted this picture.

“Mine’s real,” he noted though. “The other ones were drawn on.”

Read the full article & view the included photos of Donnie on INeedMyFix.com.

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