[ JOEY ] New Blog: 04/18/2012 – Around the world in 80 days…

There’s a new blog on Joey’s official website JoeyMcIntyre.com.

Here’s an excerpt:

04/18/2012 – Around the world in 80 days…
but first… jet lag. It was once “he who not be named”, but I have given in and admit I have jet lag. But after a little activity in the middle of the night (whatever gets ya thru), I will settle back down, maybe listen to a little James Taylor, think of home and hopefully doze off for a bit CUZ I NEED MY BEAUTY SLEEP! My rock star sleep, my boyband sleep- which is much more necessary when you are not a boy anymore. Starting in Belfast. Nice to be back hanging with the fellas. In my heart I was sad to leave the family, but now that we are officially on the road I have to accept it. And with that acceptance comes the many gifts of being a New Kid on the Block. […]

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