[ JORDAN ] Show Review: Jordan Knight at Yoshi’s San Francisco, 3/12/2012

Many of you aren’t going to believe me when I say this, but that won’t stop it from being true: the New Kids on the Block just keep getting better with age. Here’s how I know this: I’ve been a fan since I was a first grader. Back then, for me, it was definitely more about cute boys and catchy music than whether or not someone had any actual talent. Happily, though, by the time that ceased to be true, the vocal and musical talents of the group’s main singers had begun to impress me more than I ever dreamed they would. And even if you don’t believe me enough to give them a listen, the photos speak for themselves: these guys are making forty-something look unbelievable. But perhaps I digress a bit…

Having said all this, it should go without saying that when given an opportunity to see them, whether all together as a group (as perhaps a majority will be surprised to learn they’ve been reunited and touring since 2008), or one guy on his own, I’ll move heaven and earth to keep from missing it. Last night, such was the case with the lovely and talented Jordan Knight at Yoshi’s San Francisco. This man has held a very special place in my heart for a very long time, so naturally wild horses couldn’t have kept me from this performance – my first chance to see him solo since 2005. This tour is in support of the recently released Unfinished, in my opinion his best work yet. (And that doesn’t come from a super-biased place, I swear. I don’t think every single album he’s released has been brilliant. This one just is.)

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