According to @liveunfinished the next JK VIP Day will be tomorrow (Saturday). VIP tickets for Los Angeles (CA), Las Vegas (NV) and San Francisco (CA) will go on sale, and there will be a few more VIP tickets available for the shows of Cleveland (OH), Pittsburgh (PA) and Silver Spring (MD).

So, get ready to get yours.

JK VIP Day Schedule
10:00 am EST – Cleveland, OH – VIP Upgrade
11:00 am EST – Pittsburgh, PA – VIP Upgrade
12:00 pm EST – Silver Spring, MD – VIP Upgrade

10:00 am PST – Los Angeles, CA – SOLD OUT
11:00 am PST – Las Vegas, NV – SOLD OUT
12:00 pm PST – San Francisco, CA – SOLD OUT

Please make sure you already have got or will get GA tickets, otherwise the VIP Upgrade won’t work. Ticketlinks will be added to this post when available. For detailed questions please contact @liveunfinished on Twitter.

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