[ Interview ] Jordan Knight Solo Tour: ‘The Fans Really Cheered Me On To Do It’

Source: [ MTV.com ]

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Earlier this week, the world’s collective boo, Jordan Knight, announced his plans to hit the road for a solo tour. The jaunt kicks off later this month, and in anticipation of what we are sure will be the greatest night of your life, the New Kid himself hopped on the phone with us to preview his tour plans.

“I have a full band; I have two dancers, so they’ll be some good choreography. It’ll be a real show. It’s not me just kind of going around taking up my time,” he teased. “And, it’s a real deal thing: a band, dancers, full-length show, a lot of excitement, a lot of crowd participation, singing a bunch of songs from the album Unfinished and also other solo songs as well from the past.”

Given the fact that Jordan has been busy touring with his boys in the New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys, it would seem like he might want to chill out for a bit, but that’s not the case. At all. “I think I had to do it because I did an album and I never got the chance to go out and actually perform the songs. I did it at after parties, but that was just off-the-cuff,” he said. “I wanted to do a real show because I put so much into the album and the songs I believe are so great and I got such a great response from the fans, so it’s the fans [who] really kind of cheered me on to do it. They really wanted me to do it.”

With several dates already on the docket, Jordan does want to expand it a bit more before his spring European tour with NKOTBSB. “I plan on doing Philly, New York, Ohio, the West Coast, Vegas. It’ll be like a 20-city run. I’m gonna hit a lot of places,” he said. “I wanted to do 40 dates, but I didn’t have the time. Maybe next fall I’ll pick up again.”

We plan to hold him to that!

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