Joey & the Boston Pops perform for Children’s hospital

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BOSTON — New Kids on the Block star, Joey Mcintyre, spread holiday spirit at Boston Children’s Hospital on Tuesday when he teamed up with some of the musicians from the Boston Pops for a special concert.

Ella Belanger, one patient at the hospital, was having a four-hour surgery after Mcintyre’s performance — the holiday concert was the perfect distraction for the 6 year old. It helped her forget her inherent bladder defect, if only for a moment.

“First, they’re going to check my breaking and they’re going to fix me up and stuff,” said Ella.

Mcintyre belted out Christmas carols with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops, which took dozens of children’s minds off cancer, chromes disease and heart conditions.

“If we can put a smile on their face, especially right before surgery, that’s a blessing,” said Mcintyre.

Ella’s parents probably needed the distraction more than she did.

“We weren’t expecting it. We walked in and saw one of the fliers that they were coming and it’s been perfect, rather than just sitting here starring at the fish tank,” said Cyndi Belanger, Ella’s mother.

“Boston and this hospital, I used to come here when I was a kid and nothing — just a broken leg or something like that, or my tonsils out, stuff like that, but there’s a huge connection,” Mcintyre said.

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