[ New Kids on the Block ] Go Behind The Scenes Of The “Remix (I Like The)” Video Shoot

It makes our brains hurt to think that the debut New Kids On The Block record came out almost 27 years ago (!!!), but it’s very gratifying to see Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jon and Jordan still churning out hits after all these years.

VH1 was able to score this exclusive footage from the set of their upcoming video for “Remix (I Like The),” the first single off the band’s latest album, 10 (due to be released on April 2), which we’d like to exclusively share with you, the Blockheads! Watch it above!

“It’s a little bit of pop, little bit of soul, little bit of rock,” Jordan Knight told us about the new song, which is one of the catchiest tracks the band has EVER released (see the video below).

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