[ Joey McIntyre ] New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre plays first victim on ‘Motive’

When “Motive” kicks off Sunday night following the Super Bowl on CTV, a beloved ‘80s teen heartthrob will be playing the first victim.

New Kids on the Block’s own Joey McIntyre portrays a karaoke-singing high school teacher who gets killed by one of his students, a serial thief known as “The Creeper.”

“I wasn’t personally a teenage girl so I didn’t really like the New Kids on the Block all that much but he was amazing,” says executive producer Rob Merilees with a laugh.

“He is playing a school teacher who would rap to his kids and make science interesting through making up these little songs.”

McIntyre does get a chance to show off his vocal chops during the episode, but sorry New Kids fans, it won’t be with a rendition of “Step by Step.”

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