BsB, NKOTB attract throngs of fans to MixTape Festival

The music didn’t stop Saturday at the Summer 2012 MixTape Festival at Hersheypark Stadium.

With a stage on each end, when one band finished the other began, causing a constant flow of crowd moving south and then north and south again. In their hands were plastic cups filled with Mike’s On the Rocks Hurricanes and beer, and as the night went, on the movements from stage to stage grew more and more wobbly.

By no means sold out, the concert still had a large crowd, which filled many of the stands and at least half of the ground level.

Fans of all ages were at MixTape, although the primary age group was 20- to 40-year-olds, people who had grown up with that evening’s headlining acts — Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.

That was the case for a set of self-professed “groupies.” Wearing neon green shirts with the word groupie emblazoned on them, these New Kids on the Block fans had come from Philadelphia.

“They never disappoint,” said Kristina Doherty, 30. MixTape was a big concert for them, as it had two New Kids performances, one on Friday and one with the Backstreet Boys on Saturday. As for Friday’s show, Doherty insisted that the group had been “wonderful as always.”

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