Unfinished Business: New Kid Brings Solo Tour To Canada

It has been a busy couple of years for Jordan Knight. As member of The New Kids On The Block, he’s toured the world on a giant penis, selling out arenas on the NKOTBSB tour, released a solo album, and judged last year’s Cover Me Canada. Many people would take a break at this point, but Knight had some unfinished business with Canada.

“It is a lot of fun, I love to tour and be on the road. I had a really nice relaxing summer for two and a half months. You kind of get the itch and want that excitement. I didn’t do Canada on my solo tour so I feel like I left them out. Canada is one of New Kids and my solo music’s supporters so I felt it necessary to come up there. A lot of fans wanted me there, there were a lot of different reasons.”

Knight chatted with GayCalgary Magazine in advance of his Live & Unfinished tour which hits Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre October 16th and Macewan Hall in Calgary October 18th. Knight is excited to bring the intimate solo tour to Canadian fans.

“When you do a solo tour you can really showcase yourself and your talents. During the show I do a whole piano set. It is really cool because the audiences are smaller so you can joke around with them, take some requests, and I can take my time and sing songs I wouldn’t sing on a New Kids tour. I can sing more obscure songs that diehard fans know, which is good for me and for the fans that know every single recording. It is really gratifying. I love to tour by myself but I also love to do the New Kids On The Block, it really balances out my career as a singer. I don’t do New Kids stuff, all solo stuff. Some of it sounds like New Kids because I am one of them.”

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