[ NKOTB ] Info about the new NKOTB Book

@NKOTBandUs on Twitter gave out new information about the upcoming NKOTB Book. The info read as follows:

“FINALLY! I have some exciting book updates. Starting with the official release date: October 2, 2012. The title is New Kids on the Block: The Story of Five Brothers and a Million Sisters. And last but not least, Simon & Schuster has decided to publish this in hardcover (instead of originally planned paperback). Will be $25.

As we get closer, there will be contests with some exciting prizes you don’t wanna miss!

Releases haven’t gone out as we’re still editing. So if you haven’t received one yet, don’t fret. Doesn’t mean anything.

For those of you asking about non-US versions, I don’t have an answer to that at this point as foreign editions happen a bit later. However, it *will* be available through Amazon and other online outlets.”

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