[ JORDAN ] Special Edition: Jordan Knight Takes Pittsburgh!

Today is your lucky day! There will be no lectures on what you shouldn’t be eating or guilt trips on why you’re not at the gym right now. Instead, I bring you pictures from the Jordan Knight’s Pittsburgh show last night! For anyone who’s been listening to the wrong music for the past 25 years, Jordan Knight is one of the lead singers from the New Kids on the Block.

The show was at the Altar Bar, in the Strip District. Size wise, it was a great venue choice, because it was small enough that you could pretty much stand anywhere and still be pretty close to him. We were up on the second floor balcony, which should’ve allowed for really great views, and at times did, but there was a couple of really large err “roadblocks,” in front of us. I could elaborate, but for once, I’ll be polite. Enjoy this moment of restraint and grace from me, as you know, it doesn’t happen often.

Read the full review on thejerp.wordpress.com (incl. pictures).

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