[ NKOTBSB ] One Direction need more attitude, say New Kids On The Block stars

One Direction have to get their swagger on if they are to win over American girls, according to the country’s two biggest boybands.

The X Factor youngsters were given some tough advice on how to crack the States by members of the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block.

The 90s groups delivered their verdict on Simon Cowell’s doe-eyed lads when they touched down on our shores to promote their joint NKOTBSB British tour in April.

‘Even though the UK and England are big, it still sort of has a small town feel,’ 39-year-old New Kids singer Joey McIntyre told me.

‘That’s why you guys love your artists so much but boybands are so personality driven that sometimes it’s about connecting with that and if the American girls don’t connect with that swagger, it’s hard.’

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