[ INFO ] DM’s on Twitter – Please check your Add-Ons

Good morning, Blockheads!

This is a serious matter we want to let you know about. We keep getting DM’s on Twitter that contains a virus, which reads as follows:

You seen what this person is saying about you? [ LINK REMOVED ] terrible things..

There’s originally a link added to this message, which is kinda like spreading the virus, we guess. We ask you to check your Add-Ons on Twitter to see if there are any bogus ones in there that might generate messages like the above mentioned one. Well, we’re going to DM the people who we got those DM’s from to let them know about it, because they sure don’t not know that they’ve even sent them.

So, in case you got a message like this before from different people — DO NOT OPEN THE LINK!

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