[ Interview ] The NEW KID in Town – Jordan Knight’s solo tour comes to town

Source: [ Louisville.com ]

Remember 12?

Twelve years old and the quivering, nearly nauseous feeling that would develop in the pit of your stomach when you favorite singer came on the radio. Rhiannon Meyer, 34, remembers. “I was 12 years old, absolutely loved New Kids on the Block. I got the chance to see them concert, I was loving the music, the dancing and when they did that pelvic thrust”, she giggles like she’s right back there, “something happened, I didn’t even really know what that thrust meant, but my knees got weak and my stomach starting quivering.”

For Louisville thirty-somethings, part of that quivering feeling is coming back to town. Jordan Knight, one of the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK – #NKOTB for the hipsters, is doing a show at The Hard Rock Café on 4th Street Live on Saturday, February 11th.

Knight has a new CD project (Unfinished) due in May, 2012 which brings about the solo tour. Tickets are on sale now,
[ CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS ]. For fans like Rhiannon and her friend Erin Ryan, 27, who have been to 19 concerts and 3 New Kids Caribbean Cruises, they’ve already starting making plans.

These two ladies and other BLOCKHEADS, as they’re known, are preparing for a wild night, living and re-living those teenage dreams. Something I talked to Jordan Knight about by phone.

I wondered if, after all these year, the fanatical nature of the fans surprised him?
“Our fans are the best, I think we’re part of that time in their life when things were simpler, but we also attract new fans.”

Excited to be doing your own tour?
“Well, in between dates on the BIG TOUR, which starts up again in April, 2012. I’m getting a chance to do some shows on my own, and I love it. I get to do songs that I would never get a chance to do with the guys. And, it’s chance for fans to get UP CLOSE and Personal”, he added with a laugh.

Is this a stripped down, acoustic show?
“NO, NO, NO – I’ll have a Full Band, Dancers – it will be a party!”

This is your first solo project in 5 years, is there a story behind the name?
“One of the reasons the album is titled Unfinished is I’ve been working on it for a year and a half,” he explains. “But it’s also about realizing that even when people count you out, even when they say you’re finished, you’re not. As long as you’re alive, your life is never finished. You can always learn something new. You can always grow. You can always learn a new craft, a new art, you can always take what you do and breathe new life into it. It’s a hopeful message.”

You (and NKOTB/BSB) were just here at the KFC Yum Center in the summer, how was that?
“It was a blast that arena was amazing, I love coming to Kentucky and can’t wait to get back!”

The tickets for Jordan Knight at the Hard Rock Cafe are extremely limited, so If you relive that 12 year old crush, click and get your tickets today!

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