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Joey McIntyre talks ‘Come Home For Christmas’ CD

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Joey McIntyre is releasing his new “Come Home For Christmas” today.

McIntyre is a singer, writer and performer and talked to his label about holiday traditions, his Boston upbringing in a house of nine children, his NKOTB roots and his duet with Mario Cantone on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

You’ve done quite a lot to this point in your career. Why did you decide to make a Christmas record now?
[ JM ]: Well, to be honest I was itchy, creatively. I had been off the road for a couple of months and wanted to make a record. And “my Christmas album” has always had a prominent place on the back burner. It was in late September this year that I decided to do it and I just went for it. I knew time was tight, but if God was ever gonna help me out on a record, I figured it would be this one. I was lucky enough to have my producing partner Rob Lewis for this. Together we started on the same page and jumped right in.

This CD really seems to be a labor of love for you with you self-producing and self-releasing. How has the process been for you to be the artist, producer and label?
[ JM ]: I feel a sense of pride with this album that I haven’t felt with other albums I made. I am always very hands on in the creating of my music and writing. But these songs are special and I think I handled them with great care. From a producing side, I feel that I molded this with my hands.

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Female First Interview with Joey

Joey talks to us about the band’s collaboration with the Backstreet Boys, their upcoming joint tour and a boyband revival. Next year, New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys will bring their NKOTBSB collaboration to the UK.

We spoke to NKOTB member Joey McIntyre about the tour, their joint Greatest Hits and much more.

How has it been touring with Backstreet Boys in the States? Do you all get along well?
Yeah, like I said, we got along marvoulously. It was a blast. We’re just a bunch of guys getting to do what we love every night – performing, on the road, to sold-out arenas. It doesn’t really get much better than that!

It is also a challenge, as lucky as it is, you have to stay on your game, you’re away from home, away from your families. There’s sacrifices along the way, but we’re playing at the height of the game. It’s an awesome thing.


JOEY to sing in Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Boston

Joey McIntyre will help usher in the city’s official Christmas tree on Dec. 1.

McIntyre will perform during the pre-lighting ceremony on the Common at 7 p.m. before the tree – an annual gift from Nova Scotia – is switched on. Other performers include American Idol finalist Siobhan Magnus, the Radio City Rockettes, Rockapella, the Boston Ballet, the Boston Children’s Choir and saxophonist Grace Kelly.


Joey McIntyre to Release “Come Home For Christmas” Album

New Kids on the Block member Joey McIntyre is spreading holiday cheer like a mother f—er!

“I’ve always known I would record a Christmas album,” says multi-platinum singer, songwriter and performer Joey McIntyre of his soon-to-be released Come Home For Christmas full-length album, available Tuesday, Nov. 29 on iTunes. “These wonderful standards have a warm special place in my heart. I have enjoyed singing them on so many snowy walks through my childhood hometown of Boston and they have soothed my homesickness out in Hollywood during the holidays.”

For the holiday standards that make up the self-released Come Home For Christmas, the NKOTB singer set out to record versions of some of his favorites that evoke holiday memories and yet still retain their traditional sound. Highlights include: a fun duet with actor-comedian Mario Cantone on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” the classic “Peace On Earth” on which he is joined by “one of my good friends and mentors,” NKOTB’s Jordan Knight, and a moving version of “Do You Hear What I Hear?” which features his sister Carol Gallagher, “with whom I sang my first-ever song on stage when I was six-years-old.” JOEY produced and arranged the album with long time collaborator Rob Lewis, which was recorded in Los Angeles, Boston and New York.