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[ DONNIE ] Donnie & ‘Blue Bloods’ take serious look at crime aftershocks

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Donnie Wahlberg was surprised when he got his first look at the script for this week’s episode of CBS’ “Blue Bloods” (Friday at 10 p.m. on WBZ, Ch. 4).

“There’s this very intense situation where (his character) Danny and his wife and kids come across a violent crime on the way home,” the Dorchester actor/singer said from the set in New York. “That was jarring enough, but then the episode takes a turn.”

Instead of Danny Reagan — the cop on the warpath doing things his way — viewers get an emotional look at how a police officer prepares his family for the potential of violence.

“It’s an inevitable moment for any cop who keeps a firearm in the house,” Wahlberg said. “He has to discuss it with his wife and kids — and for me, doing that scene was powerful.”

The episode, and the family element to the plot, left Wahlberg with a new “profound respect” for police officers.

“He has to slow down and take care of his children, who are very affected by this violent encounter,” Wahlberg said. “In doing so, he has to teach his kids and show them his gun. It really struck me — my initial reaction was, ‘I’m not sure I want to do this.’ But that’s Donnie speaking. I never dealt with guns. We didn’t have guns in the house when I was a child.”

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[ DONNIE ] Donnie talks Wahlburgers, Wahlbrewsky, NKOTB prison performances

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The Wahlberg brothers – Marky Mark and Donnie may live in Los Angeles now, but they grew up in Boston, MA. Donnie Wahlberg had some interesting tales to tell about growing up with Marky Mark, who was once a member of New Kids On The Block.

While Mark was in prison, he recruited his former band to play in the prison where he was as part of his “rehabilitation.” While NKOTB performed, they tossed cigarettes into the incarcerated crowd to gain points. NKOTB performing in a prison? Well, their first record only spawned local interest in Boston.

Along with Mark, Donnie and other brother Paul Wahlberg decided to get into the burger business in Boston with a family friend, Ed St. Croix. He said that people used to call him and Mark the “Junior Jailbirds.”

Not only do they make burgers topped with the government cheese they grew up eating, they also have a triple decker because they grew up in a three story apartment building. They even brew their own beer. And, of course, Donnie talked about this during his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show. He even had food and beer delivered for Fallon.

They’ve given their restaurant a theme by featuring a list of all the films and performing groups Mark and Donnie have been involved in.

Certainly you’re thinking the same thing as any other Angeleno. When do we get one?

One thing is for sure, even if they had a rough start to their lives, the Wahlberg brothers turned out OK.

For ‘Blue Bloods’ & Donnie Wahlberg, success is easy as pie

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NEW YORK — There are a number of theories on why “Blue Bloods” has been able to carve out such a substantial audience on Fridays, a night when viewers are hard to come by.

Some say the CBS series, now in its second season, is attracting an average of 13.6 million viewers because of its stellar cast, headed up by TV royalty, Tom Selleck.

Some say it’s the gritty, streets-of-New York crime stories.

The sentimental majority opinion holds that it’s the show’s weekly dinner scene, during which four generations of Reagans — presided over by the patriarch (Len Cariou) — bicker, spar and celebrate one another.

“That scene is the favorite of so many people,” says “Blue Bloods'” executive producer, Leonard Goldberg. “Italian people, Jewish people, Greek people — they all say the same thing: ‘That’s my family.'”

On this morning, as the cast runs through take after take at the long dinner table, one thing is abundantly clear: Donnie Wahlberg, who plays flinty NYPD detective Danny Reagan, can really put it away.

While the other actors are saying their lines, playing to the cameras, Wahlberg is shoveling in forkfuls of apple pie. With gusto. There’s a crew member devoted to refilling Wahlberg’s plate every time the director yells “Cut!”

Afterward in his dressing room, Wahlberg notes, “In the very next scene, which we already shot last week, I eat another slice of pie. The whole show is going to be me eating pie.”

When you grow up, as Wahlberg did, the eighth of nine children in a poor working-class family in Boston’s hardscrabble Dorchester neighborhood, the prospect of all-you-can-eat never loses its appeal.

So how would Sunday dinner at the Wahlbergs differ from the atmosphere at the Reagans?


Donnie to be on CBS’s “The Talk” on December 14, 2011

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According to the above-named source Donnie is going to be a Celebrity Guest on CBS’s “The Talk” on December 14, 2011. The article reads as follows:


A First For the Daytime Show, The Talk Will Debut A Week of Holiday-Themed Episodes Originating from The Grand Foyer of Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center.

Celebrity Guests Include Kim Cattrall, Michael Emerson, Samuel L. Jackson, Gayle King, Archie Panjabi, Paul Shaffer, Brooke Shields, Donald Trump, Donnie Wahlberg, Patrick Wilson and Dylan Walsh, Among Others.

Singer and actor Donnie Wahlberg (CBS’s “Blue Bloods”) visits; Gayle King discusses her new role on “CBS This Morning,” debuting in the new year; and Sharon Osbourne fulfills a lifelong dream of transforming into Mary Poppins on Broadway.